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If you are reading this, then that means you taking an interest in my website.

So hello to the person who is reading this.

This is Mann Singh & you are on Our Job Update Website which Official website of my Official youtube STS Vlogs where you found a solution to immigration problems, Information regarding Abroad visa like, Work Visa, Student Visa, PR & much more......

As I started this website recently but I want to tell you a long story which will finish in a few sentences or Paragraph. So that is My long story of starting my Official YouTube Channel - STS Vlogs.

I started my Channel as I remember on 14 Nov 2017 as I don't remember the time but I started putting the videos the next day. As I only speak in the video but all the post-production work & Editing is done by my lovely son TARAN SEKHON. He has a very great passion for these things.

Nowadays i.e in 2019 He usually to do all the editings & graphic designing & handling my social media as well as my official YouTube Channel. He is currently a student. 

So I told you regarding my Son & my youtube channel. If you don't SUBSCRIBE MY Channel. So what are you waiting for? Go grab that Red Button here: STS VLOGS

So today I gain almost 10K SUBS on Youtube that give me great motivation to open the website that will help the people more.

So this is my Story.

So let's comes to the main thing. 
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Thanks A lot for Reading this.

Mann Singh